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Investing in Silver Golf Tees: A Wise Bullion Strategy

Silver 2 Oz Golf Tee Set

Silver 2 Oz Golf Tee Set

For decades, people have been playing a number of games, but there is one major sport that has outrun all. Can you guess the sport? Yes, it is Golf! Considered the rich people’s game, it has millions of followers and fan base all-round the globe. So, no doubt, anything related to golf is going to be at the top of trend, investment, and profit.

There are plenty of diverse items to collect, but things related to golf are always at the peak of popularity. As a result, it is not that difficult to find an array of fascinating items related to this game. And, these days, there is a huge nostalgia among people for the silver golf tee set collection. The unique kind of sets, not only make a great gift choice for the investor, collector, or golfer, but also a wise bullion strategy.

If you are a collector, with a great love for the game of golf, acquiring this stunning set is a unique opportunity for you. Like the ever-increasing popularity of the game, the price of this collectible will only increase with every passing year. You can give your portfolio the consistency and length it needs to get the sure shot of success. Investing in a Silver 2 Oz Golf Tee Set is great for investment purposes.

The set of collectible silver golf tees is something to watch out. Crafted with .999 finest quality silver and modeled after an actual golf tee, they are worth any investment or collection. You can easily remove and replace the tees after handling. Whether, you are an investor or a sports enthusiast, the set is the perfect pick for your purpose.

You will come across many dealers on the market, offering this kind of golf sets at the cheapest possible prices. But, be a bit careful while making your choice because, cheap means, cheap quality. So, research, compare, then buy. Find a reliable source and stay ensured that you are getting what you are paying for.

Why Investing in Gold Coins is a Wise Move?

If you are investing a huge sum of money in the market, then investing it in gold coins would be a wise decision to make. According to the recent studies, many financial analysts suggest making gold coins as their asset allocation strategy over the traditional investments. Why? Because these tangible assets offer a number of unique beneficiaries when compared to its counterparts, thereby making your investment plan more fruitful.

Some investors still think that buying gold coins is a complicated process, but the reality is something else. You can buy gold coin online from the industry greats with just a simple clicwpid-Gold_101.jpgk on the internet. That’s the reason, buying gold coins has become very easy, safe, and fun as well.

Why invest in gold coins?

Listed below are some irresistible reasons to invest in gold coins:

  • Investment portfolio diversification: Gold is known as an ideal stock portfolio changer, due to its negative correlation with the stocks — gold price goes up, when stocks go down. This makes it a more effective weapon to keep the things balanced throughout economic cycles.
  • Store of value investment: Unique gold coins always maintain a decent value that gives investors a good run for their money. Unlike the security bonds and currencies that only hypothetically hold the value, these gold coins are something that you can really hold. Therefore, these have a positive worth.
  • A safe haven for the recession: Gold coins outperform the other resource of investments during the economical downfall. In fact, it is also called “crisis commodity” due to its superb elasticity through the most difficult periods.
  • Hedge against inflation: Gold in particular is renowned as a hedge against inflation. Its price rises when inflation goes up, so any downfall in dollar value typically results in an increased gold price.
  • Simple and easy wealth transfer: Gold coins are an efficient and discreet method of transferring wealth to the next generation.
  • High demand, limited supply: The demand for gold is now outpacing the supply chain, while production has lowered down. Countries like India and China are purchasing gold in huge amounts and encouraging their well-off residents to acquire gold coins. So, the value of this precious metal will remain at high in the foreseeable future.

So, stop thinking and start investing in gold coins. Find a legitimate online store that people trust and so would you.

9 Facts that Make Bullion Coins a Smart Investment Option

Sell bullion gold coinsThe process that includes buy and sell of bullion gold coins is tempting and is a good mode of investment. Today, the market has multiple varieties of bullion gold coins, which you can buy or sell at any time. Depending on what expectations you have, bullion gold coins are a good form of investment. Here, are the nine best facts, why buying or selling bullion gold coins is a way smarter decision than investing it somewhere else.

Gold Assure Purity

Gold bullion coins are one of the purest form of gold. An asset that comes as a big picture in the global market. Gold holds an intrinsic value to your investment graph that is sure to fetch you profitable returns. Since gold’s value increases with time, it’s precious and upscaling market value can ensure a stable future. It is suggested to opt for North American coins mostly, the maple leaf, American eagle. They are classics and easy to buy or sell. Moreover, these are registered by the U.S. for their gold content purity.


Gold bullion coins have no chance of devaluation unlike national currencies. It can act as an element for protection when the financial value of currency drops down.

Traditional and Historical Value

Gold is said to bring good luck to everyone. In some traditions, it is taken as an auspicious metal for important occasions. Many investors also believe buying gold coins bring a positive spiritual dimension into their commercial prospects. That is the prime reason may socialites and traders buy solid gold bullion coins and preserve them.

Bullion Coins are one of the best Collectibles

Popularity of Bullion gold coins has brought them to the top in the list of precious collectibles. Many people love to collect multiple varieties of bullion gold coins and bars, as they are tangible, compact form of large sums. For collectors, this adds glory to their collection of valued items. The yellow metal has many admirers worldwide and just the sight of them makes people happy.

Future Savings

For some, gold serves as a lucrative saving scheme. Some people prefer gold over stocks or real estates. Many feel gold coins to be more profitable in terms of returns; hence, they buy as much gold bullions as possible to make use of it in the future. Even for investors, gold bullion coin is a standard measure of savings these days.

Inflation Resistant

One of the biggest risks in any industry is inflation; gold serves as a saviour in these cases as its value never drops down and it can be used as a valued denomination for purchases and investments.

Timeless and Valuable

In spite of its high prices, gold is desirable by most, as it is an opulent metal that never loses its charm or value. Gold bullion coins are an ageless element which grows more valuable with time.

High Value in Developed Countries

Gold upholds high monetary value in developed nations, such as if you sell gold bullion in New York you will get a ransom amount of money in return. Gold is a promising form of future economy and many investors rely on this wonder metal in the form of financial exchange.

Mobile in Nature

Gold bullion coins are easily transferable, they can be easily transported or carried from one place to another. They can be transferred for safe deposits far from an expected place for security reasons. Due to their compact sizes it is quite easy to carry or place them anywhere with safety.

Apart from these reasons, gold also serves as a survival strategy for the times of economic crisis. Flat currencies tend to drop down during hard times and commercial fluctuation, but the value of gold stays intact. Hence, gold bullion coins make an extremely smart choice for investment and savings. These are few assets that will never lose its value, thereby promising a secure future.

Funding Your IRA with Gold or Silver – Can You, Should You?


You have probably heard people say that it is possible to fund an IRA with real estate, fine art, precious metals, or just about anything else that is worth money.

That statement is pretty much true, but should you really fund your IRA with gold and silver? Here is some information you should know.

Only Certain Kinds of Metal Investment Can Be Included in IRAs

Investment companies must adhere to government restrictions about what kinds of metals are permissible. Fidelity Investments, for example, will only allow the following kinds of precious metals in IRAs:

  • Coins: Gold American Eagle, Gold American Buffalo, Silver American Eagle, Platinum American Eagle
  • Bullion: “Quality Bars”

Plus, There Aren’t Many Good Reasons to Put Precious Metals in Your IRA

In general, the only reason to put investments in your IRA is to defer paying taxes on the interest and dividends that you earn from them, right? You can hold mutual funds or stocks in an IRA, for example, and not declare interest income from them on your yearly tax return. (Later on when you retire and start to withdraw money from your IRA, you will have to pay income tax on that money. But that is something for you to discuss with your financial advisor – and beyond what we can cover in today’s post.)

Precious metals are fundamentally different investments. Because you only pay capital gains taxes if you sell them, not taxable interest or dividends, there is no benefit to having them in your IRA. Then there is the fact that if you put metals into your IRA in the first place, you aren’t planning to sell them for a very long time.

Want to Know More about Making Wise Investments in Precious Metals?

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The Six Biggest Mistakes Investors Make about Storing Precious Metals

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Even very smart investors can make bad choices about storing their precious metals. In today’s post, let’s look at some mistakes to avoid.

Mistake One: Failing to Leave Records of Where Your Precious Metals Can Be Found

Most of us prefer to avoid thinking that a time could come when we won’t be able to tell our family members where to find our precious metals. Yet the fact is that a time could come when you will not be able to communicate that information. Perhaps you will be traveling in a country where a hurricane knocks out flights, phones and Internet for a week or two – a time when your spouse could need to sell some of your holdings to pay the mortgage and other expenses. Perhaps you will be recovering from a serious illness or accident and not be “firing on all cylinders” or communicating for a week or two. Or perhaps – heaven forbid, of course – you will pass away.

The prevention is to safely leave records that document where your precious metals are stored, and to tell family members where those records can be found. One good choice is to leave a letter in your attorney’s office – sealed and under lock and key. Another is to leave a letter in a safety deposit box and to leave information with your attorney about its location.

Mistake Two: Putting Valuable Metals in Dresser Drawers

This mistake seems so obvious that it is ridiculous to mention it, right? No, wrong. According to many insurance companies (including PEMCO Insurance) and law enforcement agencies, the most common kind of home robbery today happens when burglars rush into a home, empty the drawers in the master bedroom dresser, then leave the home after just a few minutes with the owners’ most precious items. So the lesson is clear – find a safer place to store your precious metals.

Mistake Three: Hiding Metals in Little Nooks and Cubbies

It’s tempting to store bullion or coins behind loose bricks in fireplaces or basement walls, under loose floorboards, beneath false bottoms in drawers, or in boxes of laundry detergent or in fake soup cans that you store in your kitchen. Those tactics seem smart, but there are perils. If a workman in your home discovers your behind-a-brick hiding place and steals your bullion, you might not even know about the theft for weeks or months. If your kid decides to wash a pair of jeans (hey, it could happen) and finds your coin hidden in a box of detergent, will he even mention it to you? And if – heaven forbid, again – you pass away, will your heirs even know how to find what you have squirreled away? If you do choose to hide your metals in odd places, leave record of them in a letter that you keep on file in your lawyer’s office alongside your other estate documents. And don’t bury your metals in a tin can in your back yard unless you want a landscaper to find them and take them away.

Mistake Four: Carrying Precious Metals on Your Person

Yes, that small bullion bar would make a great piece of jewelry if you put it on a chain and wore it around your neck, or gave it to your spouse as a wearable piece of jewelry. But there are dangers. Any ostentatious display of gold will attract attention not only from honest admirers, but from less-than-honorable people too. If a mugging occurs, you will lose your investment. So too if you or your loved one simply loses the item in question, or if its clasp opens and it falls down a storm drain. So the lesson is clear. If something is valuable, it needs to be securely stored in a safe place.

Mistake Five: Leaving Records on Your Computer

We are all pretty attuned to computer security these days. For example, we wouldn’t think of leaving a list of our bank account passwords sitting on our computers where hackers could find them and withdraw our funds. Yet some of us don’t stop to think that we can inadvertently leave similar clues on our computers – or reveal them in emails that we have written to people we trust. So the message is, avoid using your computer to store or communicate sensitive information about what your investments are, or where they can be found. It is easy to overlook some of the places where this information can be located, such as in home inventories that you have created on your computer or emailed to your insurance company. If you think defensively, you can prevent this mistake.

Mistake Six: Loose Lips

Avoid talking in public about your precious metals investments. You could go out to dinner with some friends and reveal too much about where you keep your gold and silver, for example. (Do you really know all your “friends” well enough to share that information? Is someone at the next table overhearing what you are saying?) Or you could talk about it on your cellphone while you are on a train and tell dozens of people where your gold and silver can be found. Remember that information about your precious metal investments can potentially be as precious as the investments themselves. As the old saying goes, “Loose lips sink ships.” They can sink your holdings in precious metals too.